Town Pump – Bonner, MT1

Contractor: Lockmer Plumbing – Butte, MT

Service: S. Conley Sales – Bozeman, MT

Town Pump in Bonner, MT was a project to upgrade the existing HVAC system.  With a unique design, large improvements were possible in a small work space.  Using the following equipment, the building is now more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly:

  • Baltimore Air Coil Cooling Tower
  • Clearwater Dolphin Chemical Free Water Treatment
  • Armstrong Pumps
  • Nexus Valves2


Cooley Lab Renovation – Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Contractor: Tri-County Mechanical – Helena, MT

Cooley Lab was a project to renovate the existing building which is a hub for bio-medical research.  It has become the first facility at Montana State University to earn a prestigious LEED Gold certification from the US. Green Building Council for energy-efficient design and construction.  Read here for the entire article.  Equipment that contributed to the LEED certification include the following:

  • LEED Project
  • JCI/York Air Handing Unit
  • Nailor VAV Boxes
  • ABB Drives
  • Aerovent Fans
  • Dynasonics Sound Attenuators
  • Nailor Louvers, Grilles, Duct Accessories



CTA Office – Great Falls, MT

Contractor: Central Plumbing and Heating – Great Falls, MT

This project was a remodel of the existing CTA office, which is a historic building in Great Falls.  It was upgraded to make the building more efficient.

  • Florida Heat Pump Water to Water, and Water to Air Heat Pumps
  • ABB Drives
  • Nexus Flow Control Valves
  • Armstrong Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers


Great Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union – Great Falls, MT

Contractor: Central Plumbing and Heating – Great Falls, MT

This project was another efficiency upgrade / remodel.

  • LG Variable Refrigerant Flow System
  • Reznor Unit Heaters
  • Reznor Ventilation Air Unit
  • Nailor Louvers, Grilles, Duct Accessories

GLR Building – Missoula, MT

Contractor: Western Sheet Metal – Missoula, MT

  • LEED Project
  • JCI/York Air Handing Unit
  • Nailor VAV Boxes
  • CDI Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit (DOA)
  • ABB Drives
  • Florida Heat Pump Water To Water Heat Pumps
  • Dadanco Chilled Beams
  • Aerovent Fans

Montana Building Remodel – Lewistown, MT

Contractor: All Weather Tech – Lewistown, MT

The Montana Building was buildt in the early 1900’s, located in downtown Lewistown, MT.  This partial 6th floor tenant improvement project included not only updating windows, lighting fixtures, and office furniture, but also bringing modern day heating and cooling comforts to an existing building.  Due to space limitations and building construction type, traditional HVAC equipment could not be utilized.  Additional client criteria for equipment selection was energy usage and quiet equipment.  This was achieved with the following energy efficient equipment:

  • LG Heat Pump System with AC Smart Control
  • Lifebreath Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Nailor Industries Louver, Fire Dampers, and Insulated Control Damper

This equipment package allows the end user the option for space zoning, for heating and cooling with solar gain considerations, as well as complying with ASHRAE fresh air guidelines.






Meadowlark Elementary – Sheridan, WY

Contractor: CK Mechanical – Casper, WY and Norpac Sheet Metal – Billings, MT

This project was a new Elementary School built in Sheridan with the newest technologies to serve the Sheridan community.  Below is some of the equipment that was provided on this job:

  • Solutio XTO air handlers with facorty mounted VFD’s, pipe chases, 5-EA
  • York YLAA air cooled scroll chiller
  • KE Fibertec fabric duct
  • Nailor GRD’s, VAV’s, Volume/Smoke/Fire-smoke Dampers, Access Doors
  • ACME Engineering model PRN, PB VQ, and VQL fans-  Lewis and Lambert Spiral
  • CaptiveAire model NCA kitchen exhaust fans, Make Up Air unit with evap cooling
  • Schebler Boiler flue
  • Reznor model UDAS unit heaters
  • JCI model FNP fan coil


Wyoming Machinery Company – Rock Springs, WY

Contractor:  Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating – Rock Springs, WY

The Wyoming Machinery Company built this new building in 2011-2012.  Listed below is the equipment supplied for this project:

  • JCI / York series 40 millenium 40 ton RTU, 1-EA
  • JCI / York series 5 sunline 3 and 4 ton RTU’s, 6-EA
  • JCI / York series 10 predator 6.5 and 7.5 ton RTU’s, 4-EA
  • JCI/York series 100 YPAL 50 ton RTU’s with Fisen aluminum energy recovery wheel, VFD on supply and exhaust fan, 2-EA
  • Raywall 3310 series fan forced heaters
  • Renewaire Air to Air ERU
  • Nailor GRD’s, Louvers, Fire/Motorized/Volume Dampers, Access doors
  • ACME Engineering models PV, VQ, XB and PNURFW fans
  • Critical Environment Gas Detection for CO/NOX
  • ABB VFD for exhaust fan



Park High School – Livingston, MT

Contractor: Air Controls – Bozeman, MT

This project was an upgrade remodel to the existing school throughout the entire building, a new addition of classrooms, and a multi-purpose room.  Equipment that was used included the following:

  • JCI Solutions Multi-Fan Air Handling Units with ERV Wheels
  • Acme General Exhaust Fans
  • Aerovent Lab Exhaust Fans
  • Captive Air Kitchen System
  • KE Fibertec Fabric Duct Systems
  • Nailor GRDs
  • AQC Dust Collection System
  • AQC Welding Fume Booths
  • Labconco Fume Hoods
  • Lewis and Lambert Spiral Duct
  • Amber Booth Seismic Control
  • Dynasonics Sound Attenuators
  • Thybar Seismic CurbsJCI / York series 5 sunline 3 and 4 ton RTU’s, 6-EA


Lastly, we used sound attenuators on the large scale Air Handling Units (13,000-29,000 cfm) to reduce the noise created in the occupied spaces.There were several challenges faced on the project, such as integrating the ERV Wheels into the Rooftop Air Handlers to help with the energy efficiency of the system.  We also needed to create Walk-In Service Vestibules on the Rooftop Air Handlers to protect service personnel from the high winds that exist in the Livingston area.  Another challenge was designing a Fabric Duct System to meet the needs of the two gym facilities while providing a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the initial hard duct design.