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Modular Variable Aspect Air Handling Units
Custom Air Handler Units
Packaged RTUs
Loose Coils, Blower Coils, Fan Coil Units
Water Source HP
VAV Terminal Units
Underfloor AD
HVAC Load Reduction
Unit Ventilators
Split System AC/HP
Chilled Beams
DOAS Units
Healthcare, Life Science and Laboratory Solutions
Industry changing closed loop air valve providing true flow(cfm) feedback, ultra low pressure drop, high turn down, quiet, fast acting fail safe, no scheduled maintenance, energy efficient & low cost. Expansive industry leading technology in room pressure, fume hood, remote & multipurpose monitors/controllers
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Embedded BMS Interface
Redundant Drive Packages, Eclipse Bypass
Local Factory Certified Training
Stock & Quick Ship Drives Available
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ECM Technology Offering
Expansive fan offering for general purpose, restaurants, smoke exhaust, lab exhaust, roof exhaust and seismic rated applications.
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ECM Technology offering
Expansive fan offering for vaneaxial, tubeaxial, wall prop, roof vent, centrifugal, mixed flow, pressure, fiberglass, MUA, filtered supply, hazardous locations and lab exhaust.
65-2600 CFM Flat Plate Exchanger
Heat Recovery Core up to 70% Efficiency
Energy Recovery Core up to 80% Efficiency
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Building Airflow Measurement & Control Solutions
Building Space Pressurization
Indoor Air Quality
Custom Air Handler Units
Vertical Air Handler Units
Air Column Air Handler Units (UFAD)
Leading-edge manufacturer of industrial collecting systems:
Dust Collectors
Dust Collection Capture Equipment
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Quick Lead Times
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
Make-Up Air Units
Fans & Ventilators
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High Velocity Hurricane Zone Louvers (HVHZ)
Louvers & Dampers
Duct Access Doors & Equipment Screens
World Innovator in Heat Pump Water Heaters
Air & Water Source Heat Pump Water Heaters
Domestic Water Temps of 140° - 160°
Great Energy Rebate Producer
Critical Environment Technologies company website linkCRITICAL ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES |
Self Contained w/ Integral & Remote Sensor Options
Indoor Air Quality Monitors (IAQ)
Active Chilled Beams
Infusers & Induction System Refurbishment
Donaldson website linkDONALDSON—TORIT |
Dust Collection
Cyclone, Bag House, Welding Exhaust
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Filters, Filter Housings / Frames
Hepa Filters
Clean Room Ceiling Systems
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Flexible Duct
Sheet Metal Fittings
Access Doors
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Water-to-Air Heat Pumps
Water-to Air Large Capacity Heat Pumps
Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
Rooftop Packages
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Kitchen Hoods
Water Wash / UV
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Fan Coils
Energy Saving Technology
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Air-to-Air Recovery
Integrated Heat Pump & Refrigeration
Custom Air Handling
Natatorium Dehumidification
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Engineered System
Fabric Duct Air Distribution
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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF)
Air & Water Source
Indoor Units—Ducted & Non Ducted
Custom heating & cooling coils
Condenser, Evaporator, MicroChannel, Steam & Water
Dry & Fluid Coolers also available
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Gearless, Direct Drive Motors
HVLs Fans
Reversible Flow
Finite Elc Analysis
Seismic Control
Vibration Control
Engineered Calculations
Concealed Cable Damper Operators
American Made
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EZ VAV Controls
GRDs, VAVs, Dampers, Louvers, Fan Coils, Filter Housings
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Fiberglass reinforced plastic duct products
FRP Duct work
FRP Fans
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Laboratory Fume Hood Dilution Systems
FRP Fans
Regenerative Core Heating Exchangers
Variable Aspect Ratio, High Efficiency to 95%
No Changing Air Paths & Integrates into any AHU or Ductwork
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Electronic, Gas Fired, & Direct Steam Humidification
Short Absorption
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Industrial, Commercial & Residential
Electric Heat
Fans & Ventilation
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Flat Plate ERV
No Condensate Drains
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
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Make-up Air Units
Unit Heaters
Duct Furnaces
Infrared Heating
Engineering systems with CoRayVac System
Custom Engineered Infrared System, Infrared Heating Controls
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ECM Offering
Roof Centrifugal, Sidewall & Utility Fans
In-line & Ceiling Fans
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Dual Seal System
Zero Clearance Grease Duct
Boiler Venting Double/Single Wall
Energy Recovery Solutions
Duct & Panel Solutions
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Nanator Dehumidifier Units
Fully Packaged Solutions
Pool Water Heaters
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
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Dust Collectors
Welding Exhaust
Vehicle Exhaust Systems
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EC Fans w/ V coils
Ultrasonic Humidification
Perimeter CRACs and CRAHs
EC Fan Retrofit and CRAH Replacement
ECM Fans
Top Connection ERVs
False Ceiling ERVs
Weatherproof Pre-Insulated Outdoor Ducting System
Lightweight & Easy to Assemble
LEED point eligible
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Packaged RTU’s
100% Outdoor Air
Energy Recovery
Integrated Heat Pumps
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Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Fans
Hose Reels
Geothermal Comfort Systems
ECM Motors, Vairable Speed Compressors, Mirror Image & Piping Options